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Delivering unforgettable experiences for our clients is the challenge that inspires us to create the most exciting innovations in light. We continuously work closely with leading fixture manufacturers to design lighting solutions that are more efficient, more powerful, more compact and easier to handle.




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Entertainment lamps


With today’s growing trend of integrating LED walls in stage lighting design, a new generation of lamps with more powerful beams is required to cut through the sea of homogenous light they provide – and add additional accents to the show. This is exactly what the new Platinum lamp systems are designed to do.

  • MSD Platinum (Touring/Stage)
    MSD Platinum (Touring/Stage)
    The MSD Platinum lamps open up new levels of creative freedom in entertainment lighting, with powerful, compact and brilliantly intense light. Their compact, lightweight design pro...
  • MSR Gold™ FastFit
    MSR Gold™ FastFit
    All lamps burn out eventually, but when this happens with single ended MSR Gold™ FastFit, it is replaced in seconds – thanks to the specially designed lamp base and lamp holder. Th...
  • MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended
    MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended
    To optimize the total lifetime of the double ended MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended lamps, the caps are plated with gold. This provides superior heat protection and thereby minimizes prem...

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Our entertainment lamps have been used at many major events, worldwide. See the lamps in action in our Hall of Fame project browser!


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