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Touring/Stage lamps

Razor-sharp, pure Platinum


Today, stage lighting is all about creating impact and powerful effects. High brightness and high-contrast beams are needed, using compact luminaire and fixture designs that improve creative choice and flexibility. We continuously work closely with leading fixture manufacturers to create lighting solutions that are more efficient, more powerful, more compact and easier to handle.




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About Platinum lamps

On Stage with Patrick Woodroffe during AC/DC tour






Watch the videos and more on this insight story


Watch the videos and more on this inside story

Choose from our Touring/Stage range

  • MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended
    MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended
    • Enables use at higher temperatures in any burning position. Longer lifetime, fewer early failures, consistent performance over time
    • Pure, white light; colour point close to black body line. Consistent colour impression over MSR Range
    • Reduces early lamp or lamp holder failures
  • MSR Gold™ MiniFastFit (Touring/Stage)
    MSR Gold™ MiniFastFit (Touring/Stage)
    • Lamp replacement in just seconds
    • Easy handling, smaller and lighter fixtures
    • Reduces early lamp or lamp holder failures. Excellent current transfer

Hall of fame


Our entertainment lamps have been used at many major events and concerts, worldwide. See the lamps in action in our Hall of Fame project browser!


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See how our Entertainment lamps perform on stage and in fixtures.


Philips MSD Platinum 2 R in ADJ fixture


See the performance of the Philips MSR Platinum 2 R in ADJ's Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R fixture.


Philips Platinum lamps at major events

Thanks to their razor sharp light beam, fixtures with Philips Platinum lamps are selected for major events worldwide. Check out this compilation!


The power of the Philips MSD Platinum 20 R

Discover the main benefits of the Philips MSD Platinum 20 R lamp.


MSR Platinum 35 in Elation fixtures

See the effect of the Philips MSR Platinum 35 in Elation's Platinum Spot 35 Pro and Platinum Profile 35 Pro fixtures.

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