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    Sodium Scandium Metal Halide Lamps consisting of a gasfilled glass bulb, which alternatively are clear or internal coated, and a quartz discharge tube (DT).


    Energy saving solution with better color appearance and rendering property for conventional version.


    Quartz discharge tube containing high-pressure mercury and a mixture of Sodium and Scandium halides, which contribute to multi-lines spectra; with Ar to aid ignition.
    Better colour rendering index around 60
    Luminous efficacy up to 90 lm/W
    Low wattage lamps with extra quartz tube around DT to prevent the risk of outer bulb shattering when abnormal operated or to the end of life.
    Universal operation position permitted


    Stadium and sports facilities lighting
    Industrial and commercial lighting—factory
    supermarket and exhibition hall etc.
    Public lighting—square, station, port, airport etc.
    Decorative flood lighting—monument, buildings e.g.
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