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GreenPerform Highbay LED

GreenPerform LED Highbay – significant energy savings

GreenPerform Highbay LED

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      Customers in industrial and warehousing applications are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy required to light their facilities. The GreenPerform LED Highbay luminaire can directly replace 250 and 400 W HID high-bays, thereby generating significant energy savings. When there is a power failure, downtime is reduced with GreenPerform LED Highbay, as it turns on instantly, compared to the slow run-up of HID lamps. The luminaire comes with high-quality optics, ensuring excellent lighting performance in different application areas. The high-rack optics are specially designed to illuminate vertical planes in warehouses. With a choice of mounting methods, installation is easy and secure.


      Reliable light output throughout lifetime
      Saves up to 60% energy compared to HID lighting system
      Attractive return on investment with superior performance


      Extremely bright light thanks to LUXEON M emitters
      Instant quality light
      CRI of more than 70


      Heavy and light industry with a ceiling height of more than 8 m
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