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GreenUp Highbay

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GreenUp Highbay BY550 is a high efficient and reliable LED highbay for industrial high-ceiling facilities without humid and dusty requirement, designed for both new project and retrofit. This lighting system can deliver up to 88% energy savings with the integrated G2 Actimlume Wireless. It delivers point to point replace up to 400W HID and T5 6x54W higbay with easy installation. There are three beam shapes to choose with good light quality CRI85 and UGR 17.Integrated with G2 Actilume Wireless, GreenUp BY550 provide connected lighting with daylight , occupancy sensor, and ZigBee wireless communication, will increase your savings by upgrading to an intelligent system and delivering one-stop solution for your Factory, Warehouse, Distribution center, Indoor spot hall, and other high ceiling indoor application.


Energy savings of fix version up to 75% vs. HID 400W Systems and up to 56% vs.T5 Highbay
Comfortable light with low glare and accurate color
Easy to use, easy to design in and low installationcost


High system efficiency
Wide Beam, Narrow Beam & High Rack Optic Beam
Unique air convection design enables efficient heat dissipation
Connected lighting


General Industry Application
High Rack Warehouse
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