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Mini500 G2

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    In a transparent market like petrol station, operators are under constant pressure to maintain its profitability through lower operating cost, while in the same time attracting more customer with clean and crisp station that gives comfort and safety feeling. Philips’ Mini 500 LED is an intuitive undercanopy lighting that ensures optimal visual conditions while enabling huge energy savings. The luminaire’s precision-control optics enables light to be distributed where it is needed the most. Its integrated components and long-life LED technology make this an easy-to-install, zero-maintenance solution.


    Solid die-cast housing design ensures long fixture lifetime
    Increases visibility and safety at night
    Up to 60% energy saving compared to traditional high-intensity discharge lamp solutions
    Easy to install


    Precision-control optics
    Wide Range of option
    Basic on and off - PSU
    Basic Dimmable - PSR
    Auxiliary Lamp version – PSU GU5.3
    Intelligent Version – PSD ACD2 IS
    Surface-mounted, Recessed –mounted, Side entry Pole mounted version.


    Under Canopy
    Industrial low bay platform
    Area Lighting at petrol station
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