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Athletes of all levels want to perform their best. You can help them achieve their fitness and sports goals by creating a top-notch athletic environment - and that includes providing the best-quality lighting. And when you combine clear illumination with our integrated recreational sports lighting approach, you create a winning duo that will help you minimize energy use, reduce your environmental impact and possibly even create new revenue streams.
Philips Optivision LED Floodlighting

It’s been incredible.
Everyone says,

How good are these lights? They are the best.’ And they really are – they’re spectacular.”


- Joanne, Castle Hill BMX Club

In the first project
of its kind,

De Vallei swimming pools in Veenendaal, The Netherlands was equipped with LED lighting that is ‘swimming pool-proof’ thanks to a special coating that protects against specific environmental corrosives, such as water vapor, chlorine and cleaning products."


- Henk de Man - Account Manager, TechTron Group BV

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OptiVision LED gen2

OptiVision LED gen2


A new era in smart area and recreational sports lighting


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