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    The right light for home office and study

    Home office and study room


    These days we spend hours on a computer for work and leisure. The selection of right desk lighting is important to keep your eyes comfortable and help you stay focused, especially in visually taxing tasks that will cause eye strain. Philips EyeCare LED desk light comes with even light distribution, adjustable angles and most importantly, light intensity that you can adjust to your specific needs – all to ensure you experience the right amount of light while reading. 


    Study lights: easy on the eyes


    Philips desk lights provide optimum light with reduced glare as to allow you to stay concentrated longer - complementing  studying, reading and working and any other productivity related activities. Available in either latest LED technology or ready available blub retrofits – Philips desklight helps you save energy.

    Home office and study lighting tips

    • Place the desk light at the opposite side of your dominant hand to reduce shadows when writing or reading.
    • Angle your computer screen away from the natural daylight and light beam of the desk light at night. In this way, you avoid getting the reflection from your computer screen in your eyes.
    • Make sure your desk light has enough light output to cover your entire working area and that you can direct the study light to where you need it.
    • Use task lights combined with general lighting for reading and writing. This helps to reduce potential eye strain.
    • Cool white light is easy on the eyes and is best suited for extensive hours of studying.