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See what light can do in the Living and Bedroom

Video - Supporting ageing eyes

Supporting ageing eyes

See the Johnson family living room transformed and how it made the family feel more comfortable there.

Supporting ageing eyes

New York

Supporting ageing eyes

Video - Creating a modern entertaining center


Creating a modern entertaining center

The right light  for your living and bedroom

Living room lighting


Cherish unforgettable moments with your family and friends at the comfort of your living room. Choosing the right light is essential in creating a desirable ambiance for every occasions as it plays an important role in creating a well-balanced home. Light up every nooks of your living area with various available luminaires from general-ceiling, cove lighting and downlights to ambiance creation such as wall, table and floor.


Rest and enjoy the cozy light in the bedroom


The function of a bedroom has evolved from one of a sleeping sanctuary to a hideaway of relaxation, leisure reading, make-ups and more. With connected lighting solutions, your living is enhanced at the convenience of seamlessly setting and transiting different lightings for ambiances across various activities with a single touch of an app remotely.


High quality, energy-saving light


Philips range of living and bedroom lighting are powered by the latest LED technology which helps to save up to 80% energy, giving savings on your electricity bills, provides comfort to your eyes via optimal light output and an even distribution of light.

Living and bedroom lighting tips


  • Place a floor light behind your reading chair to ensure sufficient light when you are relaxing with a good book.


  • Choose reading lights with a flexible arm for the bedroom. Aside from convenience, you will not disturb your sleeping partner.


  • Accentuate a display painting or photograph on the wall with a directional spotlight.


  • Play with colored lights, dimming and shadowing, to transform the look and feel of the room according to the occasion.