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    Outdoor lighting when you need it

    The right light helps you find your way when it's dark outside

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    How do you find your keys in the dark? How can you see who is at the front door? Or make sure you don't trip over anything when doing daily chores? Find out how you can with motion sensor technology.

    How can lighting save energy?
    Simple. Motion sensors keep garden lighting energy costs to a minimum and your neighbors won’t complain about your garden lights keeping them awake at night. Better still, opt for solar-powered LED landscape lighting and you won’t have to pay a penny to illuminate your outside spaces.
    Does lighting improve security?
    Yes. After dark, outside lighting can reduce the likelihood of your home being burgled, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. That’s why house owners who have correctly installed outside lights, such as porch lights or outdoor wall lighting, generally feel much safer.
    Where is the best place for outdoor security lights?

    It’s important to position your outside lighting correctly, to ensure it functions properly - from both a security and a comfort point of view. The following areas should definitely be illuminated at night:


    - Entrance doors
    - Garage areas

    - House corners

    How do motion sensors work?
    Our outside lights are equipped with an infrared (PIR) motion sensor that detects movement. This makes them a very energy-efficient lighting source because they only illuminate when someone is in the vicinity of the sensor. 
    How far away will sensors detect movement?
    Our security lighting is designed to detect movement within a 10 meter range. It’s a convenient way to illuminate your way at night, at the same time as helping you save energy by only switching on exactly when and where they’re needed.
    Are they difficult to set up?
    easy to install
    Not at all. A simple set up procedure makes it easy to select when you’d like the automatic sensor to switch on your lamp(s) and for how long. And if you need your lights to stay on for an extended period of time, the sensors can be deactivated very easily.

    The power of sun by Philips

    Try the Philips solar LED technology

    Philips Solar garden lights are designed with high quality solar panels and LED lights to maximize sunlight collection for light that lasts longer. The length of time they provide light for depends on the amount of sunlight the solar panel receives. In good weather, that can be up to six hours’ worth of free lighting. Energy-saving features like an on/off switch or motion sensor means that whatever the weather or time of year, your outdoor areas will always be brightly lit.
    Are they hard to install?
    Far from it. Philips Solar garden lights take the hard work and hassle out of landscape lighting installation. It only takes a few minutes to place them in your garden – even if you’ve never installed outdoor lighting before. With no mains power cables to connect, you don’t need to worry about them being close to a power socket, so placement is quick and easy.
    Do solar lamps save the most energy?
    Yes, they do. Philips solar-powered garden lights turn the energy from the sun into brilliant light that adds nothing to your energy bills. Made from durable materials, our beautifully designed, energy-efficient garden lights and outside lights can last for up to 25 years, so you can enjoy free energy from sunshine for years to come.  
    Will solar lamps provide enough light?
    Philips Solar garden lights emit up to 100 lumens of light, enough to illuminate a defined area for working in, or highlight a garden or architectural feature.

    Want better lighting outside to let your garden shine?