Recessed Lights


    3000/4000/6500K, White, Dimmable 8720169276390 Find similar products
    • Comfortable light with a slimmer fit


      Recessed Lights


      8720169276390 Find similar products

      Light up your space with Philips EyeComfort LED Downlight that provides a comfortable light source and ease to your eyes. See all benefits


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    Comfortable light with a slimmer fit

    With EyeComfort, for light that’s easy on your eyes.

    • Energy saving

      Saves energy - which is good for your bills, and the environment.

    • No harmful UV radiation

      The product is designed to eliminate any potentially harmful UV radiation.

    • Bright light with uniform distribution

      To really light up your rooms, choose this uniform distribution light which throws light evenly across the space.

    • IP54 seal rating. Ideal for balconies or moist areas. Direct spray of water to be avoided.

      This means the product can withstand moisture, so you can use it on balconies, porches and similar areas.

    • Dimmable

      Allows you to change the mood by reducing LED brightness levels, from bright white light, to a cozy glow - just like traditional lamps.

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