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    Philips Lighting Horticulture – update

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    Philips Lighting is now Signify

    On May 16 th, 2018 Philips Lighting officially changed its company name to Signify. 
    This change is part of Philips Lighting becoming an independent company, listed at the Amsterdam AEX stock exchange. When Philips Lighting was split off from Royal Philips in 2016, it was agreed that in case Royal Philips owns less than 50% of the shares in Philips Lighting, then Philips Lighting would have to change its company name. This is what is happening now. 

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    It is good to realize that this is only a change in the company name. Signify will continue to use the Philips brand for its products. You as our Partners will also remain Philips Horti LED Partners and keep using the well-known logo.
    For more information about Signify, please visit our company website and read the press release about the name change.

    New colleagues in our Signify Horticulture LED Solutions team


    The Horticultural business is growing fast, and we are happy to inform you that we have expanded our Horti team with the following people:


    Jacco de graaff
    On Jan 22nd Jacco de Graaf joined the West European team as Key Account Manager for the French market. Jacco is based in France.
    Janinne van den Bos
    Per February 1st the European Sales Support team was strengthened by the arrival of Janinne van den Bos. Together with Emmy Heijnen, Janinne will take care of the European quotations. Our European partners can contact both ladies for questions outside the normal processes. Janinne and Emmy have their office in Eindhoven.
    Alexander Meshuev
    To seize the opportunities in the Russian market, Alexander Mezhuev joined our sales team per April 15th as Key account Manager for Russia. Alexander is based in Moscow.


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