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    Rose Expertise Group aims to advance rose cultivation with LEDs

    The first event of the Rose Expertise Group, had the kick off on 6 October 2016 at Dümmen Orange Roses in Kudelstaart, The Netherlands, was a big success. This group is made up of rose growers who have Philips LED installations. Their purpose is to share information about growing with LEDs so they can further improve rose cultivation with this relatively new technology.


    During the event, participants toured the Rose Factory of Dümmen Orange in Kudelstaart and the Delphy Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. They also heard presentations on heat management in rose cultivation and various LED research projects on rose cultivation. During the program, there was plenty of opportunity for the participants to share experiences and learn more about how LEDs are being applied to cultivate a variety of rose crops.


    The formation of the Rose Expertise Group marks an important milestone for LEDs in rose cultivation. Marielle de Jong, global marketing manager floriculture said, “LEDs are quickly gaining ground in rose cultivation. Philips has installations with about 10 rose growers, and we are rapidly developing light recipes for different varieties and crop requirements. As growers recognize the value of our light recipes and apply them more widely, they see that their crops grow much better with LED. We have even seen that some species of roses couldn’t be grown without LED.”


    The growers who attended the event were very enthusiastic. When asked if it should be held again, the majority said yes and even suggested holding it twice a year.


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