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        The YellowDot programme is a luminaire certification programme that allows any manufacturer to test and certify that their LED luminaires are interoperable with our indoor positioning technology. This smart technology allows shoppers and store staff to receive directions to products or location-based notifications. It also collects location-based data analytics to measure marketing impact and assess store operations. To a retailer, this level of customer engagement is invaluable.If the luminaires pass a range of tests, it permits the manufacturer to apply the YellowDot certified trademark to the product and offer it as such to customers.We currently offer three YellowDot-ready LED drivers (60, 100 and 150 W non-isolated) for the European market, based on the latest generation of Xitanium drivers.


        The best indoor positioning solution on the market
        The most deployed lighting based indoor positioning system in Europe
        A technology with fast-growing industry support from lighting and complementors


        Up to 95% efficiency, lowest cost and smallest dimensions
        Operating windows – output current can be adjusted via the Philips MultiOne configurator (TD drivers) or with a resistor outside the driver
        Reduced ripple current and thermal de-rating for increased reliability
        Longer lifetime (100 khrs), improved surge and burst (4 kV) and Tambient (-40 °C to +60 °C) specifications
        Supports Coded Light 2.0 for use in YellowDot systems


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