Philips Colour Kinetics

Philips Colour Kinetics
Transforming environments
Our expansive portfolio includes professional LED wall grazing, wall washing, floodlighting, spotlighting, cove lighting, stage lighting, direct view, and general lighting fixtures.

Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event
Philips lighting are proudly sponsoring the Energy Efficiency in Local Government conference this September in Sydney. The conference will be exploring how making the switch to LED lighting can make councils substantial energy cost savings.
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Upcoming webinar

Upcoming webinar
Fine-tuning light to our circadian rhythms can boost health and well-being. Attend this webinar and discover how new neurological and behavioral insights are transforming lighting applications in the hospitality & health industries, and beyond.

Looking for Philips HUE?

Looking for Philips HUE?
The LED technology inside every hue wireless LED bulb is a little bit special. That's because it can display different tones of white light – from warm yellow white to vibrant blue white. Of course, it can also recreate any color in the spectrum. Naturally.Buy online via the App store

LED Certification Program

LED passport, lighting: usage of LED’s; Philips
Improve your knowledge of LED lighting, become an LED specialist. Take our newest LED courses and gain knowledge on various LED and lighting related topics.

FluoroCycle & Philips Lighting Australia

FluoroCycle is a voluntary scheme that aims to reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment from the disposal of waste mercury-containing lighting. As one of the largest importers of fluorescent lamps into Australia, we are funding the FluoroCycle scheme to support recyclers collect, recycle and re-use the materials of our products.

aboutlife Australia | Cammeray, Australia

aboutlife Australia
The next generation of LED retail lighting is here!

Lighting Hub app

Philips Lighting Hub app
The app contains inspirational projects and also offers you the complete professional lighting portfolio in one go.

Philips Dynalite

Philips Dynalite Controls
Philips Dynalite creates sophisticated, productive, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting control solutions for residential, offices, retail, hospitality, industry, stadiums, public spaces, and more.

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