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HSBC Tower, Mexico


Find out how modern office lighting is helping HSBC to achieve environmental certification


office in the HSBC tower illuminated by Philips lighting

HSBC’s environmentally friendly
office building

is the first to obtain the LED certification issued by the US Green Building Council."
Outside of the HSBC tower illuminated by Philips lighting at night
Work area of the HSBC tower with the outside view lit by Philips lighting

Customer challenge


When HSBC opens a new head office, you can be sure it will be up to date with the latest technology. For its new office in Mexico City, Philips was brought in to optimize the work environment and help the building obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

The right lighting 


The HSBC Tower is a masterpiece of contemporary classical design. Measuring 136 metres tall and containing 40,000 m2 of usable space, a building of this size would need a lot of lights. In order to achieve the LEED certification, HSBC needed the most advanced lighting technology available.


Philips had the perfect solution; energy-efficient lighting designed specifically for modern offices. In the general work areas, we created a comfortable atmosphere by installing 3,000 luminaires comprising of EFix TBS260 recessed lights and specially designed fluorescent tube optics. As well as providing refreshing, glare-free light, the fixtures have high light output with low energy consumption.


Further lighting was installed in the entrance hall, where embedded downlights with high-intensity discharge lamps create a subtle ambience. Outside, luminaires were installed at the top of the columns, with a photometric curve to ensure that the light does not extend beyond the building. In the penthouse, LED downlights were added to instil an enjoyable, warm atmosphere. All of HSBC’s environmental goals have been achieved, and the office now has pleasant, people-centred lighting.


To take advantage of natural light entering the office, the EFix TBS260 fixtures automatically dim, direct and brighten their light output according to how much artificial light is needed. This system enables a 54% saving on energy consumption.

  • MASTER TL5 High Efficiency Eco
    MASTER TL5 High Efficiency Eco
    This extremely efficient TL5 lamp (tube diameter 16 mm) saves considerable energy by simple lamp-for-lamp replacement. The TL5 HE Eco lamp offers excellent lumen maintenance and co...
    Low-pressure mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 26 mm envelope

eco-friendly effects

The Team

HSBC Tower


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Enrica Rosellini


Maria A. Escobedo

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