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Bringing style
to a showroom

The Haworth Showroom,
Paris, France


Find out how modern building lighting is helping Haworth’s showroom to shine

Modern lighting luminaires at the Haworth Showroom

The building's highly
distinctive character

is primarily what makes it so special. It is both classical and ornate, just like Haworth's products themselves. The place also has a unique aesthetic power that appeals greatly to architects, designers and foreign visitors alike. It's a real 'work of art' that bears all the hallmarks of a great man and business pioneer, which perfectly matches the history and values of Haworth."


- Emmanuel Dietrich, Designer

The Haworth Showroom illuminated by Philips office lighting
The Haworth showroom equipped with Philips office and Philips lighting control systems

Customer challenge


Haworth is a forerunner in furniture design. As an expert in office and design and layout, it needed its new showroom to impress visitors with stunning presentation. Could Philips lighting correctly exhibit merchandise while enhancing comfort and keeping costs low?

The right lighting


Haworth is no stranger to style, and had found its new home at the Art Deco building in Paris. The venue boasts impressive architecture, and a look that is both classical and ornate, just like Haworth’s products. The venue clearly required a lighting system that would beam good taste.


Philips joined forces with Haworth to illuminate 1300m2 of office and showroom areas. To guarantee maximum comfort for visitors and staff, LED solutions were introduced. DayWave luminaires were used to create a welcoming atmosphere with gentle, refreshing light. The glare-free performance of these lights is perfect for working environments, as it helps to avoid eye strain that can contribute to tiredness.


For decorative lighting, iColor Cove fixtures were positioned around the glass ceiling area. Emitting a range of vibrant colors, they create an enchanting atmosphere that makes the showroom a pleasant place to visit. Daysign fixtures were placed around the perimeter of the rooms, adding pleasant accent effects to the walls while increasing the overall light levels.


The new building lighting system has added fresh charm to the stylish Haworth offices. The Dynalite lighting control systems means staff can easily adjust the ambience using touch-screens built into the furniture.

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Making an impression
with light

The Team



Emmanuel Dietrich


Véronique Leveau-Grouas


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