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DB Schenker in Linz, Germany

Doubling the efficiency of warehouse lighting

DB Schenker in Linz, Germany


How DB Schenker doubled the efficiency of its warehouse lighting with GreenWarehouse.

Warehouse at DB Schenker in Linz, Germany

This is how I,
see the future

Everything around me reacts to me, including the light.”


-  Robert Donev, Facility Manager, Safety and Environmental Management

Robert Donev, Facility Manager at DB Schenker

Customer Challenge


Is there a lighting solution that saves energy but still provides full power and maximum safety? A system that is so intelligent that it responds automatically to someone’s presence, is easy to operate and can be adjusted?

Warehouse at DB Schenker in Linz, Germany

The right lighting


Project partner Siemens presented the Philips GreenWarehouse solution to DB Schenker. The combination of energy- efficient Maxos LED lighting and an interactive light management system makes this lighting concept so special. All the lights in the GreenWarehouse system are equipped with a control unit that has a movement sensor and wireless controller. All communications are wireless, which simplified the world’s first installation of a 2,200 meter bus bar system.

Installing the system involved identifying all the space requirements and operating steps in the warehouses. The routes and movement patterns in the 10 meter high high-bay warehouse (18 aisles!) are clear and fixed.

Robert Donev:“We move quite differently in this area. Accommodating this was an easy task for GreenWarehouse because it maximizes lighting flexibility by dividing the lights into different networks and zones, and each zone and network can be configured in different modes for specific behavior reactions.”



One simple, bundled solution that contains three types of dimmable LED luminaires and wireless controls to help you to maximize your warehouse lighting efficiency.


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Doubling the efficiency

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