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Making the office work for everyone

Businesses today are exploring new ways to enhance employee productivity and well-being, while maintaining a focus on energy savings, improved operational efficiency, and space optimization. Philips LED lighting supports sustainability goals and occupant well-being, while our connected lighting systems provide a firm base for the growing push towards smart buildings. Data-driven insights gathered from the connected lighting network optimize service delivery and operations, improve workplace design, and positively impact employee experience.

Optimize operations

Save up to 80% by switching to a controlled LED lighting system

Streamline operations by integrating with other building systems 

Gain valuable insights into building usage in order to make data-driven decisions

Enhance productivity

Deliver visual comfort with lighting that is suited to the task


Employees can personalize the lighting and temperature to improve comfort


Offer applications to reduce downtime and improve employee productivity

Build brand

Attract and retain the best employees with a state-of-the-art, sustainable workspace


Stand out as a technology leader with a focus on employee well-being

Promote your corporate sustainability goals with green building practices

Explore the possibilities

Optimize your space with sensors and wireless controls


Your solution for acoustic quality and lighting in one

Soundlight Comfort

Combine safety with savings



Philips lighting services for offices
Add value beyond illumination: building optimization, sustainability and personal control

Professional Services

Lighting insights and customized design

Professional services


Are you looking to upgrade your lighting equipment? With your needs and wishes in mind, we’ll assess your existing installation and give you clear insights and advice on how to optimize your lighting plan. This can include everything from a complete redesign to an easy LED retrofit solution.

Lifecycle Services

Extend the life of your lighting installation

Lifecycle Services


Your lighting infrastructure is one of your organization’s most valuable and critically important assets, so you’ll want to protect that investment. With the right maintenance plan and remote assistance, we can help you extend the products’ lifetime and optimize their performance, with fewer interruptions and unexpected costs.

Managed Services

Outcome-based performance for your lighting

Managed Services


For total peace-of-mind, why not completely outsource your lighting infrastructure? Our Managed Services have got you covered – from the initial design and installation, to continued hassle-free operation and maintenance. We will even factor in economic sustainability and help you minimize your carbon footprint.

Managed Services
Outcome-based office lighting performance

Standard Managed Services

Hassle-free savings with optimized performance


A turnkey approach, Managed Services deliver the light you need rather than a specific system or product.


  • Outcome-based lighting – lighting design based on the visible light output, not a selection of physical products
  • Save money – Reduce energy usage, maintenance and depreciation costs
  • Hassle-free – Guaranteed operation of your lighting equipment, including new product upgrades
  • User-friendly – detailed training and documentation for all users

Light as a Service

No upfront investment


Light as a Service is the ultimate hassle-free solution. Instead of owning the lighting installation, just pay for the light you use. It includes everything in the Standard Managed Services, including financing.


  • Pay for light – Instead of purchasing your own lighting equipment, pay only for the light you use
  • Optimized return on investment – No upfront capital expenditure, or maintenance and replacement costs
  • Technology updates – includes all future updates to your lighting installation’s hardware and software
  • Add value – with data-enabled services

National Union of Students
Delegate managing the lighting


The NUS wanted their refurbished London headquarters to have excellent illumination. They also didn’t want to have to worry about the lighting for the next 15 years. Their pay-for-the-light partnership with Philips achieved just that.

Lifecycle Services
Extend the life of your lighting installation

Essential Package

Protect your investment


  • Regular remote checks of your office’s lighting, including software updates
  • Preventative maintenance helps catch possible issues and correct them in time
  • Remote assistance ensures rapid support for any problem within your office business hours

Lighting maintenance is all about preventing possible illumination problems at your office by identifying them early and responding swiftly. With the help of Philips lifecycle management, you can extend the lifetime of your building’s lighting installation and safeguard your investment.


  • Regular remote checks of your office’s lighting system, with software updates as needed
  • Catch possible issues and correct them on time, thanks to preventive maintenance
  • Get remote assistance directly from Philips within business hours, with quick support for any problems

Premium Package

Hassle-free operation


  • Comprehensive coverage for your entire office at a fixed annual cost 
  • Includes labor and materials in case of failures
  • Trained service engineers offer on-site corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Optional: data analytics and system optimization

Premium+ Package

Optimize performance


  • Data-based analysis into lighting use and how your lighting needs evolve over time, including reports, insights and consultations
  • Continued optimization of your office lighting system
  • Ongoing training for staff
  • Detailed documentation on the Philips MyServices Portal
Lifecycle Services for SpaceWise

Download the brochure
Lifecycle Services for SpaceWise

The Edge
Premium+ Package for 10 years


The Edge is a landmark of Amsterdam’s bustling Zuidas business district. This state-of-the-art office building has a data-driven, Power-over-Ethernet lighting system by Philips that helps to make it one of the most energy-efficient office structures in the world.

Professional Services
Office lighting insights and customized design

Audit & Design Services


A well-lit office is a productive office. Ask Philips to conduct a detailed audit of your office lighting – it will help you to understand your current lighting conditions in terms of energy consumption, light distribution, visual comfort and the light levels in different spaces.

Our experts will then use the data collected in the audit to provide you with a new, optimized lighting plan. This can include a variety of lighting solutions, like a fast LED retrofit installation. Your new lighting design will be a perfect match for every space in your office building, from meeting room to restroom.

Consulting Services


Updating your lighting equipment can deliver a significant improvement in the quality of your office building. That’s why our consulting services help you to select the best lighting plan and draw up a compelling business case.

Philips is your long-term partner in lighting, and we’ll provide you with best possible options for energy savings, space monitoring and optimum light levels. That way, you will be sure to get the most out of your available office space, with a future-ready lighting system.

National Union of Students
Delegate managing the lighting


The NUS wanted their refurbished London headquarters to have excellent illumination. They also didn’t want to have to worry about the lighting for the next 15 years. Their pay-for-the-light partnership with Philips achieved just that.

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