Robust gains in global passenger traffic over the past years initiate new business opportunities in the airport sector. For airports of all sizes this means that they have to invest in their future by enhancements, expansions and new airport constructions to win the game of becoming an important connection hub for travelers and cargo.


With your continuous drive to optimize cost performance and the growing demands to reduce the ecological footprint, a sustainable approach to your airport is more important than ever, for environmental and financial reasons and also, crucially, for the benefits it can bring for your passengers and staff.


Lighting is an important asset that can help you achieving these business objectives in and around your airport. Discover how lighting can turn your airport in a truly destination, by enhancing the experience for travelers and business. Create an unique ambiance, ease the connections and directions in and around the airport, increase safety and security, improve working environments for staff and stimulate economy for shops and restaurants.  

Light and Flight

How do today’s airports stay up to speed?

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