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More light,

less energy use



Modern lighting systems can do more than simply illuminate a space. That’s why we’ve developed solutions that are not only economical and flexible thanks to LED technology, daylight integration and light control, but also help to create a pleasant atmosphere, show off products in their best light and boost sales as a result.

More light, less energy use


Modern LED luminaires are capable of so much more than simply producing light. Unlike conventional light sources, virtually all their energy is emitted as light rather than being converted into heat. This means that they require as much as 60% less electricity.


Light control StoreWise Box


Certain cycles repeat themselves on a regular basis in the day-to-day running of a supermarket. Usage-based scheduling can take advantage of these cycles. As well as making a lighting system easy and convenient to use, this also cuts energy consumption by up to 16%.


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Daylight integration


Sunlight has the ability to perk us up and boost our sense of well-being – even when we’re in the supermarket. And it’s completely free of charge at the same time. Incorporating daylight into stores can increase revenues by up to 40% and reduce energy bills by as much as 65%.


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The better a product is presented, the more enjoyable the shopping experience for the customer. Just the right lighting here can create the perfect store setting. Making sure that each and every product is displayed in its best light has a decisive impact on increasing your revenues.


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Full Service


As a pioneer in innovative lighting systems, we have a vast wealth of both experience and expertise. As your partner, we make both of these available to you during the planning and development of your store.


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