Marine-based aquaculture

Light up new possibilities

Explore the next generation of submersible aquaculture lighting. Choosing for the best high-powered aquaculture LED lights can make a huge difference to your business. Our range of lights have shown to achieve 0% maturation losses, support the growth with double digits and lower the food conversion ratio. In sea cages, our lights have proved to significantly lower the exposure to sea lice, thanks to our unique light distribution, reducing sea lice treatment up to 50%.

Why choose Philips products

Research shows that Philips products are the best at ramping up light to avoid stress in fish. As a farmer, you are able to specify the desired timing to ramp up or dim the lights in 1% steps of light intensity. The fish have enough time to adjust slowly to increases in light levels.

Philips aquaculture lighting solutions can lower the production costs of salmon by reducing stress and sea lice contamination and maintaining constant production levels. All while improving the welfare and sustainability of your fish.

comparison of the growth of fishes with Philips LED lighting

~15% reduction in mortality from hatchery to on-growing

Made to last

The Philips SeaCage lights are extremely durable by making use of the highest marine-grade alloy constructions. They require minimal hardware maintenance, no lamp replacements and, if desired, can be supported by easily replaceable cables and anodes. Software maintenance and upgrades can even be provided remotely.

Control your farm

Optimised photo-period is dynamic. Get full control of your lighting installation and plan the photo-period schedules. Our software tools support the commissioning and scheduling, resulting in full visibility and control of the lights installed. You can securely access and monitor the individual light points, set schedules and adjust light levels on demand. A user-friendly dashboard provides a complete view of the installation and gives you real-time insights into the status of the lights. With the simple interface, you can set light recipes optimising the photo-period benefits to the max.

Marine-based aquaculture solutions

Philips seacage 340 W

Philips seacage 340 W

Light output 51 kLum
Efficiencyac 150 Lum/W
IP rating IP68 + 20 m
Philips seacage 400 W

Philips seacage 400 W

Light output 48 kLum
Efficiency 120 Lum/W
IP rating IP68 + 20 m
Philips seacage 680 W

Philips seacage 680 W

Light output 102 kLum
Efficiency 150 Lum/W
IP rating IP68 + 20 m

Light where light is needed

Where omni-directional lights spill light sideways and upwards, Philips Aquaculture submerged lights direct the light where the fish need it and, thanks to the spectrum, deep into the pen, targeting the fish's biology and assisting in distributing fish throughout the complete cage structure.

As an adjacent benefit, the fish swim beneath the light. By bringing the lights below the sea lice belt, Philips aquaculture lights can lower exposure to parasites, lowering the need for costly treatments by up to 50%.

LED vs mh
Downward-facing lights make the fish swim below the sea lice zone. Therefore, less electricity is wasted, which reduces the environmental impact.

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