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    Increased on-growing
    salmon production

    Camanchaca Forsyth,



    Looking to make real progress in sustainable salmon farming, Camanchaca installed Philips’ innovative LED lighting system.

    Camanchaca Forsyth, Chile


    can we use for salmon to minimize stress at the beginning of the photoperiod and promote greater SFR in fish?”


    - Manuel Soto, Camanchaca, Chile

    Camanchaca Forsyth, Chile

    Customer Challenge


    At Camanchaca, sustainability is key to preserving the company’s business over time and fulfilling its mission to feed the world from the ocean. In order to achieve year-round production in a sustainable way, Camanchaca has looked for innovative ways to use light for increased growth and reduced maturation.

    Camanchaca Forsyth, Chile

    The right lighting 


    Camanchaca implemented a specific lighting strategy for their on-growing sea farm at Forsyth by using the Philips LED lighting system. By adapting the light during the day according to natural lighting conditions, fish was less stressed and grew faster and healthier.

    Lighting in


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