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    Preventing sea lice
    in salmon


    Hardanger Norway


    Lingalaks recently started using Philips LED lighting to produce salmon in a new and more sustainable way. Next to improved salmon production, Lingalaks sees the potential for reducing the number of sea lice treatments.




    We have seen that
    LEDs boost

    growth of fish and improve fish welfare. Production times are shorter and the process is even more sustainable.”


    - Kasper Løberg Tangen, Lingalaks, Norway


    Customer challenge


    According to the Norwegian Research Council, sea lice have become one of the salmon industry's biggest challenges in recent years. Delousing now accounts for up to 10% of production costs of Norwegian farmed salmon. What’s more, sea lice are becoming increasingly resistant to drugs, making the problem even more acute.


    The right lighting 


    Philips LED lighting helps accelerate growth, leading to shorter production times and reduced exposure to sea lice. In addition, the downward directed light beam encourages fish to stay low in the water column, reducing contamination by sea lice and cutting down the number of treatments needed.

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