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    Connected LED tunnel lighting fit for the world’s leading


    Lighting up the O-Bahn tunnel

    Stretching 12 km, Adelaide’s O-Bahn is the longest and fastest guided bus service in the world. Although hugely successful, the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure identified a need to reduce traffic congestion from O-Bahn buses traveling in and out of the city centre.
    bahn tunnel

    The  O-Bahn tunnel

    was the first in Australia to use 100% LED lighting – allowing us to streamline maintenance, improve safety and reliability, and reduce operating costs. We wanted to set the standard for tunnel lighting in Australia – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.” 


    Sandip Bhavasar, Senior Project Engineer at McConnell Dowell

    Bahn tunnel lighting

    Customer Challenge


    The O-Bahn City Access Project was tasked with improving safety and travel times. One of a range of initiatives, the bus-only tunnel was extended by 140 metres, to a total of 670. Carrying over 30,000 passengers a day, the tunnel required a lighting solution that streamlined maintenance and ensured commuter and driver safety – all while adhering to strict standards for public lighting. 

    Bahn tunnel customer challenge

    The right lighting


    Signify was part of a multidisciplinary team – spanning lighting design, engineering, installation and commissioning – that took on the project. Collaborative and committed, the partnership ensured the project met all time and budget requirements while also navigating complex safety regulations and environmental considerations. Safety was core to our design and product selection.

    We used high-quality Philips LED luminaires and controls throughout. Meanwhile, Philips TubePoint, specifically designed for lighting tunnels, provides high visibility within the O-Bahn tunnel while eliminating the ‘black hole effect’. To ensure a smooth driving experience, we designed bespoke road lighting for the tunnel entry and exits. Here, we used Philips Luma LED lighting to deliver ideal light distribution, minimize glare and light wastage, and reduce light pollution.

    By integrating all tunnel and architectural LED luminaires with the Philips Dynalite control system, we gave the Department full visibility of the lighting and energy management system status and performance. These include reduced upkeep requirements, streamlined preventative maintenance, improved safety, and minimized downtime. 


    Benefits Lebendige Stadt
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    ColorBurst IntelliHue Powercore


    Exterior architectural and landscape spotlight with intelligent white and color light.


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    tunnel exit

    iPlayer 3


    Author, configure, and control dynamic LED light shows for DMX lighting networks.



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    tunnel exit

    MultiMaster DALI Driver Controller

    Enabling a full DALI universe including tunable white drivers, DALI sensors and user interfaces.


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    Tunnel Lighting for  busway

    The Team


    Government of South Australia Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

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    Lighting designer

    Tunnel Lighting Design and Ramp Lighting - Rob Pullin, WorkLight 

    Portal architecture decorative conceptual design - Rob Shenstone, Signify

    Design renders - WorkLight 

    Programming - AutomateNow



    McConnell Dowell


    Value Added Partner

    Automate Now


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