Future ready your business with the Elite smart lighting family

Experts count on Philips Elite when first-class lighting is essential

When lighting installations demand the next level of performance, the Philips Elite family is the perfect choice in luminaires. Designed to ensure connectivity, flexibility and uncompromised light quality, the Elite portfolio allows lighting experts to create the perfect illumination conditions for a wide variety of environments.

Open up a brand new world of connected lighting benefits by creating automated, intelligent and interactive installations.

Design flexible systems using interoperable components and sensors that allow you to upgrade or expand as your needs change.

Maximise your sustainability outcomes by combining highly efficient, long-life LED luminaires with smart lighting control solutions.

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Elite for offices (CRI90)

PowerBalance Elite

FlexBlend Elite Surface

FlexBlend Elite Suspended

FlexBlend Elite Recessed

LuxSpace Elite

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CRI-90 lighting

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Interact connected lighting

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