High-performance, versatile and connected lighting solutions for professionals

There are a few fundamentals for professionals to consider when specifying lighting components for projects. High performance, versatility and optional integration into today's connected platforms have almost become prerequisites.

Conveniently, these attributes and much more are all packed into Philips GreenPerform – a family of LED luminaires offering excellent value.

High performance

Expect high specification, excellent quality, long lifetime luminaires that support both immediate energy efficiency goals and long-term sustainability ambitions.


Choose from a concise but flexible portfolio of luminaires that can be mixed and matched to suit the majority of professionally designed lighting installations.


Embrace the benefits offered by modern control and connectivity solutions and create ideal lighting conditions for any space at any time.

Luminaires for offices & commercial buildings

PowerBalance troffer


GreenPerform troffer


GreenPerform UGR19 panel


Keyline Light line luminaire


Luminaires for industry & warehousing

GreenPerform waterproof batten


GreenPerform batten


Luminaires for petrol stations & canopies

Luminaires for parking garages

GreenPerform waterproof batten


Luminaires for cleanrooms

GreenPerform cleanroom luminaire



Interested in creating an IoT connected lighting environment that works perfectly with our Philips GreenPerform luminaires?

Philips Dynalite

Create the perfect lighting conditions for your installation with the tried and tested Philips Dynalite control system and components.

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