Light delivers safe path riders for Castle Hill BMX

Castle Hill BMX Club,


Incorporating lighting specifically designed for sports facilities – from the largest to the smallest – with safety and efficiency at its core, opens up extended daily usage for greater flexibility, reduced energy cost, and facilitates wider community bonding.

It’s been incredible. Everyone says, How good are these lights? They are the best.’ And they really are – they’re spectacular.”
Joanne, Castle Hill BMX Club
Castle Hill BMX Club

Customer challenge

The Castle Hill BMX club, The Hill’s most popular sporting & recreational facilities is used by more than 300 local & 1,600 state individuals every year. Despite being one of the few BMX facilities in the country to have lighting infrastructure, the metal halide lighting system was outdated and needed an upgrade for improved lighting efficiency, reduced system maintenance & enhanced rider safety to fully realise the potential of the facility.

The right lighting

Hills Shire Council approached Philips lighting with the aim of revamping Castle Hill BMX Club’s lighting with a complete LED solution. Key for the Council was energy efficiency & reduced maintenance, together with ability to provide concentrated light with reduced glare, improving rider safety. The OptiVision LED system used offered optimised operational savings across maintenance, energy, light quality, safety and visual comfort.  The system could drive an energy reduction of up to 65%, increase the flexibility of the facility, and improve the green footprint of the space. 

 “Not every BMX track in NSW, or the country for that matter, has lighting. We thought we were lucky in the first place just having lighting. The fact that we can now train every night of the week is spectacular, it’s really rare within the BMX community. 

“The track is lit up beautifully. It allows us to have more training opportunities for all kids, from our club and from other clubs. It opens up extra riding opportunities for adults and kids to get extra training and exercise” – Joanne, Castle Hill BMX Club

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