Lighting brings workplace wellbeing to Aurecon



Sydney Office

See how light has been an integral part of the refurbishment of Aurecon. Creating a workplace that denotes comfort, energy performance and sustainability.

The vision we have for our clients’ projects is now reflected in our own space: in our design choices, our technology choices and our lighting choices.
- Matt Magraith, Technical Director, Buildings at Aurecon Group

Customer challenge

Remaining largely untouched for more than 20 years, Aurecon wanted to upgrade the inefficient legacy fittings in their sydney offices to achieve a Green Star Interiors PILOT rating of 4 Stars, with the vision of achieving workplace comfort, energy performance and sustainability to support their business and it's 450 employees into 2020 and beyond.

The right lighting

Aurecon is proud to bring thier clients to thier new Sydney offices now. The Aurecon project team singled out the Philips PowerBalance recessed luminaire, citing a balance between energy efficiency and controllability. From a workplace comfort perspective the lighting quality and uniformity, glare control and lux levels all factored into the lighting desing choices. The introduction of these energy efficient LED luminaires is acknowledged as having made a significant contribution towards a potential Green Star rating. By introducing LED technology into thier offices Aurecon have seen sizeable savings and the increased flexibility to meet the day-to-day requirements of their staff.

Aligning with Aurecon’s safety and environmental standards with the built environment and a focus on healthy working, the new workplace is now a reflection of Aurecon’s own values of leadership in delivering leading and global engineering design solutions.

PowerBalance 2.0 (RC600B)

PowerBalance RC600B

When it comes to lighting an office space with LED luminaires, people are willing to invest in sustainability, but only at reasonable cost. At the same time, the system should comply with office lighting norms to ensure a comfortable working environment.

Aurecon offices

Aurecon offices

The team



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