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    Create excitement

    in your venue



    ArenaVision system for arena and sports

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    Create truly memorable experiences
    with ArenaVision system

    Multi-purpose venues for professional sports and entertainment are unique spaces. Players, performers, fans, sponsors, media, broadcasters, and everyone else involved in an event 'want to get the most from the experience.


    At Philips Lighting, we know that excellent lighting is a powerful factor for making venues comfortable and exciting, so that everyone wins and wants to come back for more. Because sports and entertainment events are highly visual and diversified, getting the lighting right is crucial.


    This system enables us to make a visit to the stadium even more exciting and enjoyable for our fans."


    Toon Gerbrands, CEO PSV

    Flexible and easy to operate

    With ArenaVision sports and multipurpose venues can:

    • Create stunning lighting effects for fan and partner experiences
    • Ensure flexibility and multi‐use of the venue for additional different type of events
    • Meet the latest broadcasting and sports federation standards, and high-end entertainment event capabilities
    • Improve safety, and support crowd flow management
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Maximize revenue potential
    • Save on maintenance costs

    Your arena, your way


    Philips ArenaVision is a feature-rich system designed to meet your specific needs. ArenaVision system features include instant on/off, dimming, full controllability, high-quality flicker-free pitch lighting that meets the latest broadcasting and sports federation standards, and high-end entertainment event capabilities.


    With the ArenaVision system, you can create stunning static or dynamic lighting effects for unforgettable experiences. Illuminating your venue with ArenaVision system will excite players and fans and make every match or show a success.


    Turn your arena into an outstanding, attractive, and welcoming venue that provides unforgettable experiences for fans, players, sponsors, media and broadcasters.

    ArenaVision Your arena you way graphic

    Choose the package
    that works for you

    You can choose between dedicated ArenaVision system packages to maximize your utilization rate of your venue, therefore increasing your revenue potential. With the system bundles you can adjust the system’s functionality to suit your venue's commercial needs - making it an excellent short and long-term investment. The complementary bundles are offered separately and support on-site future upgrades.


    Enjoy full control of your venue’s illumination. Easy to oversee, always at your fingertips and 100% reliable, giving you peace of mind."

    Eco icon


    • Flicker-free LED lighting
    • Instant on/off switching
    • Range of dimming levels
    Effects icon


    • All Eco system bundle functionalities
    • Pre-programmed scenes
    • Dynamic lighting effects
    • Tablet support
    • Synchronized light and sound effects
    • Targeted remote diagnostics
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    • All Effects system bundle functionalities
    • All the benefits of a DMX controlled LED floodlighting system
    • Ability to access every single floodlight
    • Compatible with all major external event consoles

    ArenaVision LED floodlight


    Get ready for an immersive sports experience. Being part of the ArenaVision system, our ArenaVision LED floodlight range offers outstanding visual clarity, effective heat management, and a long lifetime.


    Designed exclusively for sports and multifunctional lighting applications, ArenaVision LED floodlights can be dimmed, re-configured, and switched on or off with the touch of a button. They integrate with audiovisual systems for advanced lighting effects, and their flicker-free performance enables for slow-motion replays of camera footage in HD quality.

    ArenaVision LED product

    ArenaVision videos:

    Ekinox Arena, basketball

    Ekinox Arena, basketball

    Chelsea F.C.

    Chelsea F.C.

    ArenaVision LED light show

    ArenaVision LED light show

    Saint Raphael VAR Handbal

    Saint Raphael VAR Handball

    PSV soccer club

    PSV soccer club

    Cairo Indoor Stadium, Egypt

    Cairo Indoor Stadium, Egypt

    Wolfsburg Arena

    VFL Wolfsburg, Germany

    KV Oostende light show spectacle

    KV Oostende, Belgium