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Tailor-made light recipes   for growers


The farming method of the future is here. Optimize your growth systems with LED for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round. Tailor-made light recipes mean faster growth, bigger harvests, and higher quality plants.


Philips has been developing ways to apply lighting technology to crop farming for over 75 years. With cutting-edge LED innovations at our command, we can custom-build a science-based solution for you.


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Application fields

At Philips we are experienced in providing the right circumstances for your crop. Find out below what LED light can do for you!

Our products

GreenPower LED


Today, our LED range has been extended to a complete family comprising multiple solutions. Philips GreenPower products are designed specifically for applications in horticulture. Besides stable and reliable quality, they display characteristics including long lifetime, effective heat management, energy efficiency and robustness.


Philips is supplying both HPS as well as LED technology, including drivers. This allows us to develop the most suitable and sustainable lighting solution, sometimes combining different lighting technologies, for each application.


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Our approach

We understand that every business is unique and needs a different solution. In all our years of experience in horticulture, not one project was exactly the same. Every grower has a unique situation and needs a custom made solution.

How does a collaboration with Philips Horticulture LED Solutions work?

Our know-how & support


Our account managers, plant specialists and application engineers are trained in the key horticultural countries to provide you with the best solution for your specific situation.

Plant specialists


Philips Horticulture’s plant physiologists are some of the best partners a grower can have when it comes to using LED lighting in artificially lit cultivation, because they are specialized in growing crops under artificial light.

Application engineers


Our application engineers build the technical light solution, using the team as information building blocks. They provide support during the subsidy application process, and after-care in the form of answers to technical and botanical questions.

Key Account Managers


Our accounts managers are the first point of contact for the grower. They can explain how the solution process works and what a LED solution can do for you and your business needs.

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Philips Capital


The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to invest in new technology. We understand just how important this is, but in these times it can sometimes be difficult to obtain financing for your investment.


Philips can support you with financing solutions. You can benefit from the Philips solution without having to pay everything upfront. Through Philips Capital the total costs can be spread over a period of three or five years to pay it off.


Do you have a question about the financial possibilities? Please send us an email.


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The Lighting

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Plant specialist Ahbay about the future of cityfarming

“Plant physiology is the basis. It’s the universal language of the horticulturalist”


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Jami explains about interlighting

Watch the video of tomato grower Jami, and find out what LED did for him.
Tomato grower Jami Bergschenhoek explains about interlighting

New insights

Our plant recipe partners are experimenting with different light recipes for different plants, Read about the latest results of their tests soon.
Lighting academy combined with Philips horticultural

About us


Philips Horticulture stands for solutions that improve the business of growers. We are a team rooted in Horticulture and lighting technology on our way to build a winning business by developing customized light recipes. We combine crop growth knowledge and technology, and we value long term partnerships in business and research.


We aspire to be a leading player in creating solutions to grow healthy vegetables and plants in a sustainable way for the world.


- The Horti-team

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